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        Taken from the Issue #8 of NE Love:

        Enter Chris Bungoni and Michael Watson and their efforts to bring something different to Sunderland and revive the much missed but well remembered underground club scene.

        The pair began hosting a number of illegal parties in places like quarries, forests and beaches in Sunderland in 2013. They went about them in the most respectable way possible choosing locations that would not cause noise nuisance to nearby residence. Always tidying up all rubbish they created and getting rid of it properly at local skips.

        After many successful outdoor events, our two heroes decided to host indoor events and were asked by the police to go down the legal route. Sadly in 2014, the pair put in eight temporary event notices, all of which were rejected by both the council and particularly, the police.

        This all lead to a light-bulb moment when the pair decided to take a derelict building and turn it into useful space, more to the point a great party space.

        Creating a space where people can party safely does not come cheap and the pair managed on a budget of around £6,000 to meet all safety requirements. New electrics throughout, new fire alarm system, high quality CCTV system, widened exits and new emergency exit with push bars. Full floor painted with anti slip floor paint. Sound proofed windows and the ‘piece de resistance’: the graffiti.

        The opening party on New Year's Eve was a great success, a proper old school warehouse party. Chris and Michael plan on booking big international DJs and artists in the future hopefully this is going to improve Sunderland’s night life as it seems that the majority of decent nights these days are happening in Newcastle. 

        There were no problems with the launch party and all local authorities were happy with the way the night was organised. We are not gonna lie to anyone, it’s a warehouse party we’re probably not the police’s favourite people, but truth be told, anyone who’s clubbed for a few years will know that at a party of this kind not only will you hear music that will blow your socks off but you’ll be hearing it in an environment where, unlike cheesy bars in city centres up and down the country, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that everyone has come to this party with just one idea in mind. That’s not to fight or cause trouble, it’s simply to hear great music in likeminded company.
        Instagram @themessroomuk
        Unknown Rave UK
        “WE CAME, WE SAW, WE DANCED”. 



        Author: Juin Filon Rodriguez
        Text by Juin Filon Rodriguez
        Juin is editor of NE Love Magazine and has been published extensively as a freelance journalist and columnist.
        Follow the author @juin_nelove
         30 Nov
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