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        Let your creative juices flow this month Virgo. Your energy is positive and sparkling and you will attract people like moths to a flame, everyone is wanting to be around you. Dance to the beat of your own drum, spread your sparkle wherever you go as this month you are really putting the live in to life. You rock and you know it!!

        Its time to get your finances in order this month Libra, you must make sure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, no leaving loose ends for you. Its time for structure or even perhaps restructure. You will be given words of wisdom from a male figure you look up to, Please listen carefully as he speaks from a place of experience.

        Its time to let go of baggage this month Scorpio, you have been carrying yours and other peoples ‘stuff’ for too long now and its time to dump what is weighing you down. Lighten your load and free yourself for the next chapter as this one is coming to a close.

        The sun is has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip, hurray!! About time you had some fun as all work and no play makes Sagittarius a dull boy. Its time to forget the seriousness of the last few months and go out and play in the sunshine. Positive summer vibes coming your way this month.

        Confusion and internal battles are plaguing you this month Capricorn, you seem to be coming up against opposition from every angle and your head is a mess. Stop fighting! and give yourself a mental break, clear your mind, stop being so tense and you will find things will cease to be as much of a struggle. Stop beating yourself up and being your own worst enemy.

        Listen to your gut this month Aquarius, that nagging feeling you are getting is right, if something doesn’t feel right then trust that its because it isn’t! Trust your intuition and prepare for a secret that is about to be revealed.

        Pisces, you feel like you are trudging through treacle and everything seems to be hard work. Yes, I know you are tired but you are so near to the finish line it would be a shame to give up now. Use all the strength you have. You can do it, I believe in you, you just need to believe in yourself.

        You are feeling discouraged, disillusioned and disengaged at the moment Aries, Please don’t give up on your dreams. Yes I know you have been waiting patiently and may have hit a bump in the road, but see it for what it is, its a bump not a mountain! You are still on the right path and balance and wishes are about to be shown but only if you keep your faith.

        Expect the unexpected this month Taurus as something is coming from out of the blue and may catch you off guard. Don’t be scared though as its all positive even though it might cause a little bit of a whirlwind in your world. A great energy coming in with this but don’t take to long to ponder as it may go out as quick as it came in, grab this opportunity with both hands.

        Nostalgia and the past are going to play a prominent part this month Gemini, be prepared to hear from an old flame or a childhood friend as there is a lovely feeling coming in with this. You are being told to take a leaf from the past and allow yourself to live a little bit more carefree than you have been of late. Take time to smell the roses, the grown up stuff can wait. Its summer, go out and play.

        Be prepared to be swept off your feet this month cancer as someone is going to make you a very good offer, this should be welcomed as it looks set to get your heart racing and you walking on air. Its a great time to go after something you have been wanting for a while, as passion and determination are on your side, no go after those dreams!!

        Action and intellect are your driving forces this month Leo. You are feeling inspired and creative and you seem to be brimming with enthusiasm! Dream big, think outside the box and use this creative energy to your full advantage as that fire in your belly is about to start something very productive. You’re going to enjoy this as you love a challenge, they say sleep is for the weak anyway…

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