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        Live and Breathe THE NE LOVE




        NE LOVE a hybrid of colliding worlds and images: that proudly point out, music culture; art and fashion; from all over the North East.

        once upon a time in a land not to far away there was a girl called Juin who was disenchanted with print media and magazines specifically. So much so that she decided to run away from them altogether. Soon Juin became bored and decided to change her life & off she went to a far of place in the south of France. There she discovered a shiny beautiful book that looked like no other book she had ever seen, bringing the book home with her, she began to day dream and lie awake at night thinking of having one of her very own.After talking to many, many people she realized that if she was to go ahead and do it, she would indeed have to go it alone, as all her friends thought that perhaps she had gone little crazy. Undeterred she decided to go ahead and searched and searched her head and heart for what she believed in most. Luckily for her she woke one morning and just knew that, that thing, was in fact LOVE! and so decided to name her brainchild after the thing that was dearest to her heart. In 201NE Love was born, now Juin has the support of many many friends most of whom are incredibly talented, & is also lucky enough to work hand in hand with Michael of Ritson Creative.


        Unbelievably at the time of writing this tale they are creating edition 16.
        Sweet sixteen and never been kissed! 

        And we all lived happily ever after.

        THE END 
        (except that its not, its just the beginning really)


        Author: Juin Filon Rodriguez
        Juin Filon Rodriguez
        Juin is editor of NE Love Magazine and has been published extensively as a freelance journalist and columnist.
        Follow the author @juinfr, and see more articles here.


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